Refrigeration and evaporative cooling systems

Troughout the North West and Far West regions of QLD, FVS provides a range of refrigerated air-conditioning services including sales, installation, maintenance and repairs. Our expert technicians work closely with leading manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric and other major brands and models with solutions for Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Mining applications. From refrigerant systems featuring inverters to mixed mode cooling systems you can look forward to outstanding efficiency and higher energy savings.

Residential Services

Our domestic division provides a wide range of options for cooling and heating for your home, apartment or townhouse. We offer the latest range of products, which can be designed and installed in a way that brings you the results that you desire.

Commercial Solutions

From offices to factories, functions centres to the mines we have your refrigerated and evaporative ducting needs covered. With no job to small or large we can cater for all air distribution systems.

It is essential that the components are correctly sized and balanced in accordance with heating and cooling loads so backed with experienced engineering solutions we can ensure that airflow is balanced, and the required performance delivered every time.

Maintenance Agreements

As a testament to our on-going and growing reputation we have a range of service and maintenance contracts in place with commercial and industrial clients in Mount Isa and spanning across the North West region. We offer Routine Maintenance Agreements tailored specifically to meet the needs of your company.

Regular routine and preventative maintenance will maintain your system’s efficiency, prolong its working life and reduce the chance of unexpected expenses associated with major breakdown repairs.

We have a comprehensive range of servicing options and offer maintenance agreements for ultimate peace of mind. In the unlikely event that air conditioning repair is required our call out service is timely and expert.

Along with a team of highly knowledgeable technicians, we have a service fleet that are always stocked with the most commonly used spare parts to avoid delays and extra costs associated with onsite repairs and maintenance.


One of our well-trained & qualified technicians will find & fix any complications with your unit & they will advise of any possible future issues that may arise & how to avoid these headaches.

Our UltraClean technology does a deep clean of your split system airconditioning units removing the dirty particles that can cause bacteria, mould & Fungi. Clean Airconditioners can help reduce the risk of serious illnesses and diseases caused by harmful bacteria.

Over time the blower wheel/fan/drum is covered in dirt and grime, causing the air velocity to decrease dramatically. In most cases the aircon user will turn up the fan speed and turn down the temperature in order to cool the room down, resulting in more power usage! Dirty coils can cause a unit to have to work harder as the air is restricted, by removing these restrictions you could cut your POWER BILL by up to 30%!

Our unique and inhouse designed water pressure machine is then used to clean the coils, top and mains drain and barrell fan. The main fan is the hardest part for any technician to reach without fully dissembling the unit.

The technician will apply a pressure sprayer and easily remove all the debris and clean. After the clean has been carried out we will then re-assemble & check the temperature & air pressure of the barrel fan to ensure the unit is running efficiently.

One of our well-trained & qualified technicians will find & fix any complications with your unit & they will advise of any possible future issues that may arise & how to avoid these headaches.

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