Marine Safety

FVS specialises in servicing and maintenance of marine fire and safety equipment on board commercial and seagoing ships to International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and National Standard for Commercial Vessel (NSCV) requirements, utilising the latest testing equipment to reduce labour and down time during services.

FVS employs authorised qualified liferaft Surveyors who regularly attend training courses and are kept abreast of any changes in regulations, technology and strict factory procedures. We have purpose-built authorised service stations in Townsville and Cairns where atmospheric conditions such as ambient temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity are monitored. 

FVS provides service, repair and supply of inflatable rescue boats for defence and civil companies, specialising in Zodiac Pro Boats and inspections and repairs to IMO SOLAS requirements. We offer a complete range of inflatable boat repairs from minor punctures to large tears.

Services provided include but are not limited to:

  • Service all major manufacturers of various types of Inflatable liferafts.
          • Throwing Type SOLAS
          • David Launched Type SOLAS
          • Open reversible Type
          • Throwing Type self-righting SOLAS
          • All types of HAF leisure liferaft
  • Service and sell all major manufacturers of inflatable life jackets.
  • Service and repair inflatable water tanks for Defence and civil companies.
  • Service and sell all major manufacturers of safety equipment for NSCV and SOLAS requirements.

Manufacturers products sold and serviced include;

    • Youlong
    • Plastimo
    • XM
    • Zodiac
    • Bombard
    • Avon Leisure
    • Fujikura

FVS Services Group contracts with Lloyd’s Register International for LR’s approval to provide servicing of inflatable liferafts, inflatable lifejackets, hydrostatic release units, inflatable rescue boats, marine evacuation systems along with inspections and maintenance of portable fire equipment, lay flat hoses, fire detection and fixed fire suppression systems, in accordance with the requirements of Lloyd’s Register Procedures for Approval of Service Suppliers.

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